Our mission is to meet the needs of youth who have been abused or neglected to allow them to have the same chance as their peers to be healthy and productive citizens.


With so many needs, there is bound to be a fit just for you! You can make a BIG difference by just giving a little of your time, talent or treasure. Find out how you can support our mission.


Families Helping Families of Iowa is proud to offer several programs to help support the foster families and children throughout Iowa and the Linn County area.

5 Minutes

a film by Serena Collins

If you had to leave your home in 5 minutes, what would you take with you? This question is difficult for a large number of children and teens who are in Iowa’s foster care system today. It’s also a question we explore through the eyes of a child in this short film produced by Serena Collins.

By supporting Families Helping Families of Iowa, you help support thousands of families, caregivers and children who are part of Iowa’s foster care and placement system with our programs, services and events.

Foster Care Statistics

Nearly 0
Number of children in foster care in Iowa
0 Years Old
National median age of children in foster care
More than 0
Number of children in foster care nationally

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