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Help Us Help Our Children

On a chilly evening in October last year, two frightened little girls — ages 6 and 3 — were brought to Families Helping Families by a DHS caseworker. These beautiful children were pulled out of their homes just minutes before and entered our Clothing Closet in their pajamas, with no shoes on their feet. The FHF Board Member onsite helped the DHS worker pick out appropriate clothing, new undergarments, coats, quilts and a pair of shoes for each girl.

What they saw next was heart-wrenching and magical.

The 6-year-old was delighted that she was getting a “new-to-her” pair of shoes and some clean socks. When she saw her younger sibling getting fitted for shoes and socks she squealed with happiness, exclaiming, “Sissy, look! We BOTH have beautiful new shoes!”

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Imagine being in such a circumstance through no fault of your own.

Imagine being whisked away from the only parents you’ve ever known, by a stranger, not knowing where you’ll lay your head that night.

It’s heartbreaking, but imagine having the opportunity to provide a glimmer of hope for a child in need.

Thanks to generous donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses, Families Helping Families of Iowa has been able to help children who’ve been neglected and abused for over 12 years. And we’re continuing to improve on our programs, services, and reach in our state.

Will you support our mission of “Caring For Iowa’s Children In Foster Care” by giving a donation of $25 or more today? Your gift will be applied towards the mortgage of our facility, enabling us to put our focus on sustaining and strengthening programs and services we provide to our foster communities.

It will only take a minute to make a contribution. Click the “Donate to Our Campaign” button on this page to submit a donation via PayPal, or visit our Donate Now page to learn about offline donations.

On behalf of Families Helping Families of Iowa and the children and families we serve, thank you so much for your support.

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John Whaley