Impact of the FHF Clothing Closet

As a foster parent, you never know when a child will need you.

Childhood secrets are best shared with reliable friend. And if you are small sad girl teddybear is willing to be your perfect friend.

As one women recently experienced, that call can come in the middle of the night for an emergency placement. Her first stop after picking up four children was the Families Helping Families of Iowa clothing closet.

The children had only the clothes on their backs and in one case, no shoes. For a cold November morning, the FHF staff wanted to make sure each child had everything they needed for their first day in a new home. We helped each child fill a bag with pants, tops, pajamas, shoes, coats and so much more.

The foster parent was so grateful for all of the items we were able to provide. It saved her from having to buy all of these items herself. We were glad to see each child with shoes on their feet as they walked out the door.

Families Helping Families is a resource and often a support system for all foster parents. We help families with basic need items so they can continue caring for children in foster care, relative or other approved placements. We are able to share these stories because of the wonderful support from the community and businesses.

Please consider helping Families Helping Families continue to support foster parents by donating today. With your donation was continue providing new shoes, warm clothes, activity scholarships and so much more. Click Here to Donate.

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