Life as a Larger Family

A desire to help kids is what started Jennifer and Steven down the path to become foster parents. As a family of three they welcomed several children into their home including two little girls. What these sisters didn’t know at the time, this would become their forever home.

While adoption was an option for Jennifer and Steven their main goal was to provide a safe home for children in need. Over the years, they had welcomed children into their home for varying periods of time. Things changed when this family opened their home to Aliyha and Ella. These two little girls came from a home that lacked a male role model so Steven worked to gain their trust. In turn, this family quickly bonded and these girls were a perfect fit. Within 23 months these girls went from a temporary home to being adopted by Jennifer and Steven.

Jennifer and Steven speak highly of Families Helping Families for relieving the financial burden of clothing, because in some cases the children they fostered came with absolutely nothing. As Jennifer said, “Picking out a completely new wardrobe for a child that had nothing was a huge help!” Most importantly, activity scholarships allowed their children the opportunity to participate in gymnastics and obtain critical tutoring support. When one of the girls fell behind in school, they needed a tutor and that wasn’t in their budget. They turned to Families Helping Families for funding. Aliyha was able to get to the grade level where she should be in school.

A larger family leads to busier days, but they wouldn’t have it any other way!