Families Helping Families is proud to maintain privacy and confidentiality of all participants, families and children involved in our programs, events and services. Volunteers, board members, and paid staff also maintain strict privacy and confidentiality agreements to be part of our organization’s mission.


All information we receive is valuable and all confidential information is protected by law. We maintain standards of confidentiality, as it is required for the roles of our organization both volunteer and staff of Families Helping Families of Iowa. We and our volunteers – regardless of their time commitment to Families Helping Families, Inc. — vow to keep all participant information confidential for an indefinite period of time.

Notice of Privacy Policies

Families Helping Families of Iowa, Inc. may collect personal information of foster children or relative placement children for purposes of applying to available and sponsored Families Helping Families programs, activities and scholarships.
1. We respect your personal privacy.

To the extent permitted by law, we will not release personal information about you or your children, including names, street address, telephone number, e-mail address or other personal details without your consent.  To speak with a member of our staff about your personal privacy, our privacy practices and more, please contact us today.

2. All content and information submitted are secure within the Families Helping Families office.

Families Helping Families of Iowa does utilize such tools as PayPal for direct donations and QuickBooks to maintain information regarding the programs and activities we sponsor. The applications and software of both contain strict privacy policy guidelines and strong security of information. Personal user data including names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are secure with the staff of Families Helping Families of Iowa. Our website and its electronic forms are protected with secure access, including Wordfence and WordPress security settings. Forms are protected for viable submissions with CAPTCHA.

3. You have the right to correct or request deletion of submitted information.

You have the right to reach out to Families Helping Families of Iowa to correct previously submitted information pertaining to a foster child or child in relative placement or to request deletion of your previously submitted data. If an application was submitted with incorrect information, please contact us today and a member of our staff will help correct it for you.

 4. You have the right to request different ways to communicate with you.

You have the right to request how and where we contact you.  For example, you may request that we contact you at your work address or phone number or by email.  You may request alternative communications by calling or emailing our office. For more information or to request different forms of communication please contact us by email.

 5. You have the right to request a cease in communications with you.

If at any point you wish to cease communications with Families Helping Families — including email marketing, newsletters, or other forms of contact — please contact our organization immediately.

6. All forms used on the Families Helping Families website are considered secure.

However, it is important that users are aware that this security cannot be promised for individual or private email servers. If emails or online forms are not a preferred method of contact, please contact us today by email, or call us to speak to a member of the Families Helping Families staff who can assist.

 7. Our website contains links to websites operated by other parties.

The links are provided for your convenience only. We do not control affiliated or linked websites and are not responsible for the content and performance, or for your transactions with them. The inclusion of links to these third party websites does not imply any endorsement or any association with their operators.

Staff & Volunteer Rules of Confidentiality

All involved in Families Helping Families vow to follow the Rules of Confidentiality.

We understand that we must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any and all participant information. We understand that any and all Families Helping Families operations are confidential. We recognize the value and sensitivity of confidential information and understand that it is protected by law.

  • We agree to maintain standards of confidentiality, as it is required of my role here in providing services with Families Helping Families of Iowa.
  • We agree to keep all participant information confidential for an indefinite period of time, even after we are no longer affiliated with this organization.

The following policies apply to volunteers, board of directors, and paid staff at Families Helping Families of Iowa, Inc.:

  • There may be times, that a child, individual or family may share information with you that is personal and confidential. Your relationship with the child, individual or family, their situation and their personal affairs are privileged and confidential information.
  • Only talk in generalities about the child, individual or family. Do not talk about their personal lives, names, where they live, etc.
  • We want you to talk about the program, benefits, your pride in your service, but do not talk about specific persons, their homes, their problems, etc.

All involved in Families Helping Families vow to follow the Rules of Confidentiality.

You may file a complaint about our privacy practices.

If you think your privacy rights have been violated, or you have grave concerns about our privacy policies, please contact Families Helping Families of Iowa, Inc. today.

Families Helping Families of Iowa