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At Families Helping Families, we know how important it is for high school students to feel proud and prepared for graduation, which is why we’re happy to offer the Senior Pictures Program.

We connect students in foster care or approved placement with photographers who can take senior pictures, with all expenses paid.

You’ll get to have the fun experience of your senior pictures with a professional photographer who’ll give you the photos that you’ll be proud to share in the yearbook or with friends and family.

Who Qualifies for the Senior Pictures Program?

Eligible incoming high school senior students are eligible to receive one photo session from the program if they have been placed in foster care, relative placement, or other approved placement by the Department of Human Resources.

How Does the Senior Pictures Program Work?

Eligible students receive a one-hour session although foster families are welcome to purchase more time if desired. Each student is eligible for only one session each. Foster parents and/or guardians receive electronic copies of the photos to print at their vendor of choice.

Income or assets from foster families are not involved in determining eligibility for the program, and all requests are subject to board approval.  All fees for the one-hour sessions are covered by Families Helping Families.

The program is jointly administered by Families Helping Families of Iowa and Positive Exposure.

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