Quilt-A- Thon Makes an Impact on Local Children in Foster Care

The second annual Quilt-A- Thon: Quilting for Children in Foster Care was held this past weekend. It was a day filled with fun, laughter and finishing 45 quilts and 100+ quilt tops for children in foster care.

What is the Quilt-A- Thon?

The Quilt Program was started in 2016 as a way to provide comfort to children during a difficult time. When a child enters foster care they often have nothing or very little. Providing a handmade quilt helps make those first few days a little more comfortable. During the Quilt-A- Thon, community members come together to donate fabric, batting and their time to make quilts for children. These quilts will then be handed out throughout the year to children in need.

How a Child Receives a Quilt

When a local child enters foster care, one of their first stops is often the Families Helping Families office. Since most children enter a new home with very few personal items, this is an opportunity for them to gather what they need from our Clothing Closet — including clothing, shoes, books, diapers and more. At this first Clothing Closet visit, the child can pick out a quilt for their first night in a new home.

Impact to Children

The joy a child has when they look through the quilt shelves is indescribable. They often are looking for a favorite color or pattern. They realize that volunteers from the community made these just for them and this blanket is their’s to keep forever. Some children have never had a blanket to call their own. This donation provides them a great deal of comfort and something which to hold onto as they leave the Clothing Closet for their new home.

Thank You!

We can’t say thank you enough to the countless individuals that donated materials and those that helped sew our quilts. We’d also like to thank the East Iowa Heirloom Guild for partnering with us to make this event possible!

Every donation and every quilt made is making a difference in the lives of local children.

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