Welcome To Our New Intern

FHF Intern MeganMy name is Megan and I’m a senior social work major from Mount Mercy. I chose to go into social work for yes the classic, “I want to help people”, but also to be the voice for the silent or the oppressed. I have attended Mount Mercy all four years and hope to complete my masters in 2018.

I have two dogs, one pure husky named Harley and one husky/Shepard mix named Bailey. Huskies shed a lot and have endless energy so when I’m home we’re usually playing fetch or going on walks or trying to keep up with endless cycle that is their hair loss. I also coach gymnastics in Cedar Rapids at Somersaults Gymnastics Center. I have worked there for going on 3 years and have been one of the competitive team coaches for two years.

What made me chose Families Helping Families is their efforts to provide for Iowa’s youth. One thing I can’t wait for is the annual Christmas party! I am a huge fanatic of holidays, so having a part in the event planning is great for me. Although what I enjoy most about Families Helping Families is how welcomed I was made to feel.


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